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Regulations & Policies

Regulations and policies are crucial aspects of socio-environmental management. They relate not only to governmental activities but can also be pursued through market mechanisms and communitarian initiative. Designing policies and regulations that are both effective and well-suited to the needs and preferences of the population is a huge contemporary challenge, especially in countries as environmentally and culturally diverse as Brazil.

The complexities involved in formulation, implementation and evaluation of environmental and social policies and regulations in the world has tended to increase in face of a progressively more interconnected world with several new sources of authority.

Political Ecology

An interdisciplinary approach at the interface of political economy, anthropology, geography and ecology. It seeks to provide understandings of socio-environmental issues with an explicit concern with unequal power relations and both material and discursive struggles shaping those issues, thereby avoiding simplistic and normative explanations of environmental change and environmental conflicts.

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