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Tiago Freitas has a PhD from the Department of Geography at King’s College London. His research focuses on the connections between biofuel and deforestation control policies in Brazil, with two case studies in the state of Mato Grosso. More specifically, he is combining a political ecology approach with critical geopolitics to grasp the material and discursive aspects of the interplay of those policies across scales. Apart from his PhD, he is also doing research on Lusophone political ecologies.

Tiago holds a B.Sc. degree in Environmental Biology from the University of Lisbon, a postgraduate degree in Environmental Sciences and Technologies from the same University and a M.A. in International Politics from Université de Paris XI.

Regarding his professional experience, Tiago has worked at the European Parliament in Brussels (2004-2010) first as policy advisor and then as research analyst in structural and cohesion policies.

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Interesses de Pesquisa

  • Political ecology
  • Critical geopolitics
  • Resource geopolitics
  • Amazon deforestation
  • Brazilian political ecology
  • Lusophone political ecologies