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Larissa Verri Boratti has a PhD from the University College London, focusing on Environmental Law Policy and Regulation, with funding from the CAPES Foundation, Ministry of Education of Brazil. Her thesis explores environmental assessment tools as potential mechanisms for promoting environmental justice in urban contexts, focusing on infrastructure projects and their impacts upon local communities. She also holds an LL.B and an LL.M from Brazilian universities (UFRGS and UFSC) and held a visiting position at Columbia Law School in New York (Visiting Scholars Programme).

As a Brazilian qualified lawyer, Larissa has practiced with litigation and legal consultancy in the private sector for more than ten years (specializing in Civil, Administrative and Environmental Law). Furthermore, she is an Environmental Law lecturer and researcher, having experience in coordinating community engagement projects on housing rights and environmental issues.

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Interesses de Pesquisa

  • Environmental Law
  • Policy and Regulation (in particular risk regulation, environmental assessment, waste management, land-use management, supply chains, and enforcement)
  • Urban Law
  • Energy Law