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Research Interests:

  • Common property resource management in unpredictable ecosystems
  • Interface between customary management and sustainability
  • Property regimes in developing countries
  • Innovative methods and approaches in conservation biology (eg. Citizen Science; multidisciplinary views of sustainable development challenges)
  • Fisheries management and ecology
  • Tropical ecosystems


  • Researcher at IPE – Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (Brazil),
  • Scientific Director of ECOA – Ecologia e Ação (Brazil)
  • Honorary Research Associate University College London (UK)

Recent publications (2017/16): 

  • CHIARAVALLOTI, R. M. Systematic conservation planning in floodplain fisheries: To what extent are fishers’ needs captured in prioritisation models? Fisheries Management and Ecology,, p. 1–11, 2 ago. 2017.
  • CHIARAVALLOTI, R. M.; HOMEWOOD, K.; ERIKSON, K. Sustainability and Land tenure: Who owns the floodplain in the Pantanal, Brazil? Land Use Policy, v. 64, p. 511–524, 2017.
  • CHIARAVALLOTI, R. M. Overfishing or Over Reacting? Management of Fisheries in the Pantanal wetland, Brazil. Conservation and Society, v. 15, n. 1, p. 111–122, 2017.
  • CHIARAVALLOTI, R. M. Is the Pantanal a Pristine Place? Conflicts Related To the Conservation of the Pantanal. Ambiente & Sociedade, v. 19, n. 2, p. 305–310, jun. 2016.

Invited Presentations (2017):

  • Conference: “4th Brazilian Forum on Environment”. Talk: Sustainability: braking invisible barriers. 18-19 May, 2017. Presidente Prudente, Brazil.
  • Conference: “Property and environment in developing countries”. Talk: Sustainability and Land Tenure: who owns the floodplain in the Pantanal wetland. French Institute of Research for Development / ANR Govenpro (CNRS/IRD). 7-8 June 2017; National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France.
  • Conference: Russell E. Training Symposium in the 28th International Congress for Conservation Biology. Talk: Overfishing or Over reacting? Management of Fisheries in the Pantanal wetland. WWF EFN / Society for Conservation Biology. 22-27 July 2017, Cartagena, Colombia.
  • Conference: “Open Property Regimes Property Regimes as Complex Adaptive Systems”. Talk: Complex adaptive systems in the Pantanal, Brazil. October 31 – November 2, 2017. Santa Fé, New Mexico, United States of America.


Contact Information

Research Interests

  • Sustainability
  • Environment
  • Local Communities
  • Pantanal
  • Resource Use Management